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Biohacking prequel − decentralize and liberate garage biology

[OFFDEM O2 2022], Brussels, 2022, March

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Orgin: https://ps.zoethical.org/t/biohacking-prequel-decentralize-and-liberate-garage-biology-non-formal-discussion/5327

When Everett Rogers wrote about biohacking in 19881), he charged us with being Frankenstein in the making.

Also, right after that, misunderstanding and other postures surfed the wave of “Biohackers as potential bioterrorists”. It is always a myth used, and at the same time the mistrust of science and technology is turning sour; although a critical relationship to them is vital.

Forgotten Histories of DIYbio, Open, and Citizen Science: Science of the People, by the People, for the People2) (Denisa Kera) did not receive the echo and media coverage equivalent to the platforms of the capitalists, bio-crypto-bros, and eugenicists. So, we are now faced with the erasure of our own history, including the deposition of responsibility for our legacies and what we bequeath.

“Biohacking Syndicate” based on the work and writings from petites singularités (Pænser Ensemble : le Collectif et le Soin Radical), (On software syndicalism, by spacekookie), (Un Syndicat Logiciel pour qui, by natacha).

This is one of the most important ways to liberate our practices and work collaboratively with decentralisation and distribution on a healthy & ethic basis.

This is why we invite you to this round table discussion and meeting.

Just some thoughts from our minds (feel free to add more or remove):

  • Open knowledge and open science
  • Garage & underground culture
  • Libre Insuline
  • Seeds and environmental investigation
  • Health, care, diagnostic
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Hospitality

Notes from the meeting




Garage biology

Existing documentation / resources

Biohacking ?

A good news for biohackers

Next steps

Wrap up

PLAYING GOD IN YOUR BASEMENT, “people went into a state of alarm. There were movies about hackers. Perhaps in a few years there will be movies about {bio-hackers} creating Frankensteinian monsters.”, 1988.
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