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(in)Residency hosting

French version: Accueil en résidence

The biohackerspace Kaouenn Noz is glad to offer you residency with free accommodation and no lease payment.

This offer is for :

  • Bioartists
  • Amateur biologists
  • DIY Bio enthusiasts
  • Biohackers
  • Investigators (in the sense described in Exposing The Invisible)
  • Researchers who recognize themselves in our approach
  • Authors of Science Fiction
  • Artists working on the themes of environment, life/living things, biology, fundamental rights,
  • Artists working on criticism of science and technology
  • People who contribute to public wikis under free license

We work for a good & pleasant welcome and access to the biohackerspace ~ 1 to 2 weeks per person, all year long. Regarding food, we try to draw a nice and affordable framework to any purse by talking together, with you.

The Location & flat

Located in the city of Rennes, at 1 Square Léon Bourgeois (see map), in a green treed park


20 minutes walk, 5 minutes by bus, from the train station.

It is a 80 m² apartment located on the 2nd of 3 floors, close to the city center with many shops and amenities around (supermarket, pharmacy, bakery, craftsperson, doctors, etc.)


Your 11 m2 bedroom has a window- not overlooked, and has a desk and 2 storage spaces (closet and small chest of drawers), electrical outlets.


The 80 m2 apartment has 2 bedrooms, 1 lab (which can also be used as a spare bedroom), a living room / dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, toilet, bathroom. Big fridge, table in the living room, coffee table, table in the kitchen, work plan in the kitchen.

Parquet living room and bedrooms, tiles for kitchen and bathroom. Double glazing, quiet.

Dual aspect apartment, south/south-east and north/north-west facing.

Free high-speed wifi access.

Collective Bikes storage and a small individual garage if needed.

Lab and workshop station

There are two main workspaces :

  • The lab that is located in the apartment (~15 m2):
    • Wide angle desk
    • Computing
    • Microbiology
    • Micro-computing
    • Sofa
    • Wifi
  • The furnished basement cellar :
    • Several lab benches
    • Electricity
    • Biology
    • Computing
    • Microbiology
    • etc.

The biohackerspace is open to everyone the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month (please see How to get to the biohackerspace). The other rooms of the apartment can sometimes be used as workplaces as well. However we'd rather chill and rest in the common rooms than impose work “all the time, everywhere”.

Around / Nearby

The building is in a park with greenery, trees, flowers and some vegetable gardens. Walks, picnics, and outdoor activities are frequent.

There are many small shops within 5 minutes walking distance, especially for food.

There is a street-market every Wednesday morning in the neighborhood.

We are also on very good terms and in collaboration with one of the neighborhood cafes, which regularly hosts our off-site workshops and has a large garden.

The river that crosses the city is accessible in 15 minutes by walking. We have a habit of using it as a biology playground, or simply as a place for a summer evening to discuss everything and anything.

Rules and framework of hospitality: Conviviality

Hospitality is a root and existential value. We contribute to disseminate its implementation.

Number of persons: 1 to 2 persons per residence

Moreover, especially because it is about living together in the same apartment without any commercial relationship and we wish to prevent any situation of domination and violence, we add to these rules of the boihackerpace a framework of Daily Living/Conviviality inspired by Vila Liberdade (Thanks <3 Milouchkna)

Daily living/Conviviality


We are aware of the relationships of domination, from which we are not exempt, however we try to be careful at our best and not to reenact them. Everyone should work towards this goal by coming to this residence.

TERFS, SWERFS, truscum and exclusionists are not welcome. This is a safe and brave space-time1) , for people aligned with the described values, which includes, among others, pan, a-spec people and gender minorities.

We do not allow misogynistic, racist and/or validist behavior, aggression or microaggressions based on gender or orientation, physical, sexual or emotional aggression, or violation of bodily autonomy or personal boundaries.


In case of aggression or violence occurring during your stay, the victims will always be believed and given priority, the aggressors will be charged immediately and the authorities will be involved if the victim decides to do so, respecting her autonomy if she objects.


We speak French, English and Spanish. Breton has been forbidden to us for generations by the French state, we seek to re-appropriate it. We are open to discovering, learning and sharing other languages.


We respect all diets and take care of each person's desire/need/specificity/necessity.


This is not a sober space. At any given time, there may be alcohol, tobacco, or other things in the residence, although we tend not to smoke or drink much on a daily basis. We have no problem abstaining during your stay and keeping things out of sight if they are a trigger for you to have addiction problems.

We also drink a lot of coffee and tea, and water of course. Sometimes milk and juice.

If you let us know in advance, we can agree, if necessary, on additional safety measures for short stays, such as keeping certain things temporarily out of the residence, so that the space is safer for you.


The house is not wheelchair accessible (sorry! 2nd floor with no elevator), there are stairs. The stairs as they are now can be a barrier for the elderly or those with mobility or balance issues.

As for communication needs, we currently know no sign language (and really should learn).

If you have other accessibility needs, such as no scent, dimmed lights, no smoking outside during your stay, or any other needs we can accommodate, please let us know and we will do our best.

Condition of reciprocity and contribution

The condition of your coming to the residency is part of a desire on our part concerning reciprocity. This reciprocity, as we understand it, takes shape as follows during the residency period:

  • You share knowledge and skills that you master


  • You contribute under a free license (on this wiki or another one or elsewhere)


  • You give something under a free license (something = almost anything we can share with others elsewhere)
  • You respect the rules previously listed and documented


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