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Louzaouiñ Seeds Of Contend

draft-reprises-des-savoirs-kn-01.jpg - Chantier Reprises de Savoirs in Rennes -

Pad of local pre-organization notes: https://pad.kaouenn-noz.fr/p/louzaouin

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Verb in Breton language which means to treat, to bandage, phytosanitary, to cure, etc. (a disease, or to treat with a phytosanitary product)

It is already a fight to reappropriate our language, which was once forbidden and denigrated, and it is a pleasure to be involved in the vivacity of a culture.



In Rennes, an area between the Baud plain, the East cemetery, the Jean Coquelin stadium, the Landry garden and the Francisco Ferrer community centre. https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/48.0991/-1.6549


Every day meeting at Kaouenn Noz: How to get to the Biohackerspace

The base and reception area will be specified soon


Monday 24 to Saturday 29 October 2022

What is this “Work In Progress“

Come and collect seeds in a corner of Rennes.

We make them germinate: in water, but also in other substrates that inspire us, that seem interesting to observe, that we think could influence the taste of things. We observe, we let it happen, we taste (if possible), we note, and we try to learn and we do not take ourselves too seriously.

We will stroll, we will discuss, we will spot plants, “ blooming crops and weeds” in our neighborhood. We will above all take care of our socialities.
And some plants have seeds, and some seeds can be used in your kitchen, from 7 to 107 years. And even some of these seeds can be used to help identify the presence of heavy metals and/or endocrine disruptors in water and soil.

Some scientists call this “Bioassay”. We are yokels and we don't speak well, we say removing “Louzoù” and then we do “Louzaouiñ”.

The use of plant seeds to investigate pollutants in water (and mapping of these plants at the same time), with also, in addition to knowledge reappropriation and investigation, sessions with animations in critical education method and sessions of BioFabbing, that is to say writing fiction while doing counter biology.

Like the countertop in ugly café, it will be both a space for sociability, but also a space for tasting. For this, we will use the methods used for tasting wines, coffees, teas, honey, breads, depending on what speaks to us the most.

If this is not accessible to the most deprived and the most dominated, then it is neither radical nor revolutionary!

A “worksite” on the issue of water and soil pollution dealt with by the people who have their feet in those soils and waters.

For example, 1 week to, starting from scratch, make and write recipes, replicable in the kitchen by our grandmothers and very young without pre-established genre, from seeds of plants of the corner that we make germinate in water, then just photos and measure to the school rules of the roots.
A bit like a salad thought, picked, cooked, passed on, together.

parc-lb-01.jpg And workshops of “tiny stories, Grand History” and surveying (educ pop) together to tell a critical and non-binary collective politics.
In short, to reveal the invisible by regaining legitimacy and power over techniques, life together, and decisions.

And also moments of doing nothing.

The rules of welcome for this workcamp are the same as those described here:

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